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We are a company dealing with the administration part of your business. Our services include: bookkeeping & accounting, payroll, VAT and tax preparation and company registrations.
Why Bulgaria?
  • If you choose Bulgaria to host your new business, this would be an excellent choice.
  • Why? - Here are some of the best reasons:
  • Bulgaria has the lowest taxes in the EU.Corporate income tax rate is just 10%.The withholding tax on dividends is just 5%;
  • Barrier free access to the EU internal market - zero tariff market with 500 million population. Barrier free access to Turkey - zero tariff market with 80 million population. Furthermore, Bulgarian companies can benefit from the agreements on free trade between EU and: Chile, Korea, Mexico, and South Africa;
  • There are treaties in place with almost 70 countries for avoiding the double taxation;
  • The Bulgarian legislation is a modern one and all regulations of the EU law have been implemented;
  • The bank system is one of the most stable in Europe and the Bulgarian lev is pegged to the Euro;
  • Bulgaria offers low costs for doing business, since it has the lowest operating costs in the EU.
  • Bulgaria has the most competitive cost of labor in the EU. Apart from the most competitive salary levels in the EU, the country offers highly qualified, multilingual personnel;
  • Bulgaria offers many investment incentives and has low inflation level.

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Our Services

What are we doing best?
Accounting services

Accounting services

Annual closing of accounts, completing and submitting an annual tax return and annual financial statement with the National Revenue Agency and the Commercial Register.

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Payroll services

Payroll services

Produce payroll calculations for input into the Company’s accounts (including calculation of the employees basic salary, sick pay, maternity pay, holiday without pay etc.)

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Online accounting

Online accounting

Larks offers accounting clients online access to their financial data. The service is ideal for clients with tough deadlines on monthly reporting at a group or... 

Legal services

Legal services

Larks Ltd. provides a wide range of legal services in Bulgaria through our affiliated Bulgarian lawyers in Sofia and other major cities in Bulgaria. We are mainly...

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What else can we offer you?
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Company formation

Bulgaria is among the countries where company incorporation procedures can be conducted quite hassle-freely, subject to a series of prerequisites which are to be fulfilled. The Bulgarian state is very open to foreign investment, providing a welcoming environment for persons interested in opening companies in any sector.
  • Limited liability company, Joint stock company ot Foreign company branch
  • Opening bank accounts (online banking, debit/credit cards)
  • Registered office address (incl. mailbox)
  • Ready-made companies
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Opening bank accounts

The biggest European banks are represented in Bulgaria. This facilitates perfect organization for E-banking. 

To assists its customers, Larks provide:

  • Opening corporate and personal accounts
  • Current accounts
  • E-banking for the business - online banking services
  • Deposit accounts
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Business debit and credit cards
  • Autopay
  • Sale/Purchase of foreign exchange
  • International SWIFT transfers
  • Assistance with letters of credit and letters of guarantee
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Registered Office Bulgaria

Registered Office Bulgaria

LARKS offers complete virtual office services in Bulgaria including a registered office in Sofia other main cities in Bulgaria, as well as mail forwarding and secretarial services. Our company offers the following services:

  • Business address required for setting up a Bulgarian Company
  • Mail collection and forwarding. Packages are sent per the client’s instructions to any location around the world;
  • A dedicated fax number in Bulgaria. Faxes will be forwarded per the instructions from the client;
  • Local phone number in Bulgaria. This will enable you provide a local number to your contacts. Additionally we will also to provide secretarial services (live answering).
  • Call redirecting from a Bulgarian number to any number according to your specifications.

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Let's deliver the right solution for your business.

Advice on any Bulgarian tax and taxation methods, planning for the minimization of taxes, taxes involved with ownership and transfer of real estate.

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