One of the most common questions we get from prospective clients is “How much do you charge for your accounting services?” To address this question, we provide a range of accounting fees* that are commonly charged for our services.

*Please note that prices are approximate, and based on minimum hours required to file.


Company formation - Preparation of all documents

Company's registered and mailing address

VAT registration

Bank account with e-banking

Nominee director

Creation of a company stamp

Internet Domain registration (.bg)

Web hosting

Company's website

Obtaining an EORI number

250 EUR

190 EUR / per year

50 EUR

100 EUR

300 EUR / per year

20 EUR

30 EUR / per year

30 EUR / per year

300 EUR  

70 EUR

 Accounting services

The accounting service price is based on the number of documents processed on a monthly basis. Prices are for VAT registered company.

Documents included per month

 Business with services

Business with goods

  No activity

  50 EUR

  50 EUR

  Up to 10 documents

  60 EUR

  60 EUR

  Over 10 documents



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