LARKS offers accounting clients online access to their financial data. The service is ideal for clients with tough deadlines on monthly reporting at a group or consolidated level. Fast and accurate reporting is also vital for investors who need to observe covenants on financing arrangements.

The key benefits of Larks’s online service are:

  • Multilanguage user interface.
  • Web enabled for zero desktop footprint.
  • Read only access with encryption and password protection.
  • Direct export of management reports to Excel in client specific formats.
  • Interim review of balance sheet and P&L.
  • Interim review of debtors, creditors and cost centres.
  • Facility for custom pivot analysis.
Access to data is through a web browser based portal with no need for additional software. Data encryption ensures that data is secure. All access is password protected and restricted to client nominated users.
Once configured to a client’s specific requirements, management reports accessed online are already formatted and ready for review or export. Delivery of reports is a simple system generated task without the need to manipulate large volumes of data in other software.
Our online facility also allows for interim review of balance sheets, P&L statements, and the status of creditors and debtors. Review of data line by line is straightforward. Specific pivot analysis is available with a facility to save dimensions for future access. The system has user logs on all activity providing an audit trial for proper management control and transparency.
The service is backed up with training for the software and easy to follow user manuals. A help desk service is available to support users on access or software issues.

About Larks

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