Bulgaria is among the countries where company incorporation procedures can be conducted quite hassle-freely, subject to a series of prerequisites which are to be fulfilled. The Bulgarian state is very open to foreign investment, providing a welcoming environment for persons interested in opening companies in any sector. 

Payroll services

  • Provide payroll accounting for the Company’s employees and maintain individual payroll data
  • Provide payroll accounting for any temporary employees of the Company
  • Prepare reports to the local authorities as required by local law and all reporting relating to pensions
  • Act as the point of contact with authorities and represent the Company in front of the authorities
  • Prepare data and statistical reports according to current law
  • Produce payroll calculations for input into the Company’s accounts (including calculation of the employees basic salary, sick pay, maternity pay, holiday without pay etc. and the calculation of the employers contributions on behalf of the employee as required by local law)
  • Calculate the tax to be paid (as applicable depending on local law) on “benefits in kind” (as calculated by the accountants i.e. pension, health care contributions, etc.)

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